What You Should Do To Recover From Bad SEO

There are many potential reasons as to what led to bad SEO. Fortunately, it’s still possible to recover from it through different strategies and with the help of an SEO firm Washington DC. If you worked with a sketchy SEO company that gave you a subpar service, then you might be looking at a long list of issues with your website.

Get Feedback

To address the issues that you have with SEO, you have to first look at the surface level. Try to search for something that should lead to your website. As soon as you reach the page where your website is located, click it and look at how your website looks. In fact, it’s better if you have a group of people that can give an honest feedback.

You need to be able to address the issues that visitors may have from your website. SEO isn’t something that should be dedicated only to the search engines. You have to prioritize the people that click through on those search engines as well. This helps you find the root causes of where your previous SEO strategies went wrong.

Get Rid of Bad Links

Bad links are bad business. Bad links are the at the top of the primary reasons as to why a website fails with its SEO. If you operate the website on your own with no SEO firm Washington DC backing you, you might find it tougher to figure out which links are legitimate and should be kept.

Fortunately, search engines such as Google provide website owners with the tool that they need to disavow bad links that route to their website. You can also remove the bad links that you have on your website to help with your PageRank. Keeping the links as healthy as possible is essential to recover from bad SEO.

Work Only With Reputable Companies

It may be tempting to go with the cheapest company on the block, but it can lead to the downfall of a website. Many businesses depend on their website to generate leads. The sales that they make from the website may be essential. This means that it’s not an option to lose the website due to an SEO mishap.

SEO companies with a bad reputation got theirs due to shady practices. Some use tactics that aren’t allowed by search engines. These tactics may go unnoticed at first. As time goes by and as the code of the search engines improves, these bad practices can and will be detected. When they are, the website owner is the one who suffers the consequences of the loss of traffic.

Migrate to a New Web Host

Web hosting is important when it comes to SEO. The speed of your website is a major factor with most search engines. They won’t rank you as high as those that have a website that loads up fast. Search engines also have a way to track if a searcher pressed back because of a website that loads slowly.

SEO can be a game changer for startups and small businesses. Tessa is an SEO firm Washington DC willing to help you boost your presence online. Contact us today!

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