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Role of the scrum master in the scrum

Role of the scrum master in the scrum

As the family is nothing without every member. Similarly, the scrum team is nothing without the scrum master and scrum master is nothing without the scrum team. A scrum master is an essential part of the whole scrum team. A scrum master is someone who ensures the smooth working of the team and the smooth working of the business. He is someone who acts as a buffering agent to the external problems or interference. He is someone who ensures that whether the smooth working is happening or not. He is someone who make sure that whether the each and every process is being followed or not. Apart from this, he has several other roles to perform. In short, he makes sure that whether the team is working according to the scrum methodologies or not.

The scrum master is the person who plays an important part of the scrum team and he has multiple tasks to perform. Though, there are resource manager or project development manager but the task or working of the scrum master is exactly different from the other people or other managers. The first and the major task of the scrum master is to guide and train the team about the process of the scrum and ensure that whether the team is working and following the process or not.

Though, the team does not have anything to do with the scrum deviation but the scrum master knew that if the team will not follow the scrum principles then the chances of “Scrumbut” can increase and the increased chances of scrumbut can lead to the disturbed business growth. The scrumbut arise due to any obstacle. A scrum master motivates the team to communicate more openly and if the team will communicate more openly then only the team will be able to talk about the obstacles and issues. After this, the scrum master works in order to remove these obstacles and in this way, he ensures the productive growth of the team.

All the above-mentioned things can only be expected if the scrum master is a great scrum master. So who is the great scrum master? Can a good project manager be the one? Can a great resource manager be the one? Can the central manager be the one? So, the main question is who is the great scrum master or what makes the great scrum master?

First of all, a great scrum master should have got the PSM training or someone who have excelled in the PSM course. A scrum master can not be the one who does not have enough knowledge of the course.

In addition to this, a scrum master should be the one who is adaptable and open-minded. A narrow or shallow minded scrum master cannot be a good scrum master for the team and the business ultimately.

A good scrum master should the open communicator because the open communication is required at the each and every level of the business.

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