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Employee engagement with e-learning solutions have picked up by many companies that require compliance training. It is an easier method to get them to learn about the laws, regulations, policies, and work culture. It is better in comparison to memorizing thick volumes of printed manuals. Big data are again coming to the rescue of e-learning professionals who need to constantly prepare material for employee education. Such programs are common in the pharma, oil & gas, and financial sectors. As workforce needs to be taught how to be compliant and ethical in addition to being productive, the need for customized modules are underway.

This information discusses why professionals have embraced big data solutions to generate unique content that hits the right buttons.

Making it fun to learn

Considering the fact that the new generation is still addicted to games, the best way to teach them to know how the company functions is via games-based content. But, to get back to the core issue of embracing big data, the following 5 benefits can be tapped by e-learning professionals.

In the domain of e-learning, professionals can monitor and track the areas where the program needs to be immediately altered. What makes the learner revisit some of the pages? Are they getting stuck on some pages?  It is also important to know which learning style will be more effective. For example, the game based content mentioned earlier is also a big hit and is being developed by several companies. As for a little more detail on personalizing, which time of the day, a learner is more likely to absorb the information? Yes, it does matter-a capacity of a night owl is the lowest during the day!

Future with big data and reshaping e-learning processes

As learning becomes more personalized, the larger data sets will identify various correlations to be understood. They include business and research trends, flexible data to thwart crime, works around learner’s skills, accessing content ‘anywhere and everywhere’ tries to comprehend objectives and expectations. This is far reaching as mobile penetration makes it easy for any employee to study. It will offer a new data experience for the company to use in the future. Various processes, systems, and procedures are understood easily with infographics that is ‘big’ in many e-learning solutions. In fact, it also matters which format is being used to teach. Online formats are becoming important for training as they reduce the costs for compliance training.

Learners get bored easily

Compliance training often involves learning many ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ and this can get boring. Most employees go to such programs because they have to, not because they want to. Hence, to make the process more engaging, entertainment is mixed with information. Innovative formats always get better results. Again, there are 5 kinds of engaging module ‘therapy’ that pass the test, in the order of preference.

Game-based content ensures memory recall is better. It becomes a fun process. As the program gets creative, the game offers challenges and levels, rewards, and scores. They also let the learners finish the game only after they have learnt the ‘compliance lesson’ or course. There is a feeling of competition and the environment is collaborative.

Compliance training often becomes an ongoing program. Hence, specific periods allow learners to comprehend e-learning solutions with application of knowledge. This is the main base for microlearning modules,and are accessed on the mobile platform.When employees actually face an issue and cannot get assistance of seniorsmicrolearning is important. They are able to refresh the course, even if they were not able to memorize during the training. It is an excellent way to avoid non-compliance.

Employees also pitch in with their ideas and this is where branching out matters. They may learn from their mistakes in the actual environment. It adds to the learning experience and adherence to compliances. These applications are important in real world activity.

In training, to keep learners engaged, interactive modules score high. It helps in keeping engaged and interest alive if it is a time intensive module. Interactive media hasvideos that add to actions required. With infographics, a multimedia program is quickly understood.

The last is advanced engagement which is serious and required for functions to be adopted. Instead of Q & A, tests and experiments, some out-of-the-box ideas work much better. As everything is visual, the use of drag and drop, flipping cards or click to reveal are more engaging.

Big data provides all this information for professionals to create successful programs.

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