Basic tools that a software developer needs for creating projects

As we all know that every software project needs a difference in functionality as well as in needs that a customer needs from it. So, this difference brings in a demand for various tools suitable for several needs. A software developer knows very well about various tools and their uses in software projects. Are you developing a web or mobile application? Checkout rapid application development tool which is inbuilt with some advanced tools that you could make use of.

Some software projects demand several essential tools to efficiently complete developing it. But some projects do not demand one but would make the developing process easier by the usage. So, let us get to know about some of the basic tools that any budding developer should be aware of. They are as follows,

  • The most basic tool that everyone would already be aware of which is nothing but Microsoft word and excel. Understand word seem to be simple but it has several formatting as well as design options which could make a simple word document of requirements or any to be more presentable. Learning excel is also a very easy thing in which one has to study about all the formulas required for sum, subtract or calculating anything in rows or by columns.
  • Learning SQL is also very important. It is because no applications or software is developed without the back end database which is used for storing all the values of the software. There are some basic queries which are available to manually fetch or insert or make changes to values in the database by running some simple queries like insert, delete, etc.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the important tools to learn as a developer. It is because when you are developing a project, the client needs to know the plans on which the project is going to be developed. So, one cannot just make a client understand by your words, instead you create a diagrammatic as well as textual representation of the same for facilitating a easy understanding of the project.
  • Linux and PowerShell commands are something that you wanted to learn when you wanted to know about the state of machine and the configuration respectively. Python, c and c++ are some languages one could learn to make software development easier.

Checkout rapid application development tool to use number of advanced tools for a easier and faster software development process.

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