5 Tips to win customers from competitors with the right CRM software

5 Tips to win customers from competitors with the right CRM software

There is no denying the fact that people are your most important assets. Whether it’s your employees or your customers, your business is basically nothing without them. Customer Resource Management software has received so much hype over the years. This is because they help you manage not just your customers but also your employees.

What most businesses don’t realize is that good CRM can also help you in snatching leads from right under your competitors’ nose. You can win their customers and make them yours. As evil as it sounds, it means tones of sales and profits for your business.

However, it is also a fact that not every business is able to utilize CRM up to its full potential. According to a study, most users aren’t even utilizing 50 percent of their CRM. Many are just using it for maintaining their customers and not for acquiring new leads and retaining the existing ones.

Failure to utilize a CRM to its best potential doesn’t mean you should not use a CRM. It just means you need to up your game and learn better ways to leverage the functions and features.

1.   Automate as much as you can

Automation is precisely the most amazing benefit of technology. It is highly unfortunate that many businesses believe that automation would require a lot of time, which they don’t have. You need to realizethat the time spent on setting up automation is not wasted. In fact, it will save you plenty of time in the long run.

Without automation, more than half of your team’s time is spent on doing other tasks,and only one-third of it is spent on sales. A good CRM allows you to automate all those tasks that you have to repeat daily. You can use it to auto-create tasks, automate emails and all other activities that are recurring.

In short, with automation, your team will spend less time administrating sales and more on making sales. Make sure your team is fully acquainted with the automation capabilities of a CRM. It is best to invest in a CRM with a wide and flexible range of features like Salesmate.

2.   Categorize your customers

Segmentation is an important part of the sales and marketing process. You can categorize your customers in different segments to improve your strategy. The good thing about a CRM is that it has all your customer related data in one place. You can have a historical view of customer-related activities including sales, issues, resolutions, etc. This allows you to maintain a detailed portfolio for each customer.

Now you can use that portfolio to create guidelines for your sales team. When approaching new prospects, you can see which portfolio they fit in. Then you can use an appropriate sales strategy to lure them in and turn them into your customers.You can get hold of the list of your most profitable customersand prioritize accordingly.

In simple words, you should use your CRM to enhance your knowledge about what to expect and how to deal with it in terms of customer interactions.

3.   Use CRM to gather important BI metrics

Business Intelligence is the future+ of sales and marketing. If may sound like a premium feature only affordable by big corps but that’s not the case. Any small business sales software that doesn’t allow BI data gathering and analysis isn’t good enough for your business.

Business Intelligence is all about improving your business learning. It is about utilizing the data you have to gain a better understanding of your own business. It lets you strategize for the future based on past interactions.

By using metrics gathered by your CRM, you can analyze customer behavior and the way it changes. You can alsoevaluate your mistakes as well as strengths. Then, you can approach your new customers with a stronger and fail-safe strategy.

So, go beyond basic reports and charts and seek BI with a smarter CRM.

4.   Fuel your marketing endeavors with CRM

If you are limiting your CRM capabilities to sales, you are keeping yourself from making the most out of your investment. Sales and marketing go hand in hand. A good CRM can provide you the insights that can be used to improve your marketing strategies. It equips you with the idea of how you can approach a new market or customer. This can be useful even if that segment is already captured by your competitors.

It is important to invest in CRM that allows for marketing integration. It will help you understand how different product and services appeal to different customers. You can use this informationto improve yourmarketing strategies and make them more integrated and targeted.

5.   Don’t overlook resources

The ‘R’ in the CRM is for resources. This includes your sales agents. They are your most importantassets, and they should feel valued. Most business gurus agree that keeping employees happy is the key to success.You can use the important stats and data gathered by the CRM to fairly evaluate the performance and productivity ofthe team on an individual level.

A CRM can provide more insightful information about every interaction between a customer and an agent. You can evaluate each resource and compensate them accordingly. Rewarding best efforts play a vital role in improving morale and productivity. It is a great way to improve retention, and also to encourage healthy competition.

And while we are talking about employee satisfaction, let’s not forget the fact that CRM can automate task distribution. So, your agents won’t be complaining about excessive or unfair workload.


When it comes to CRM, software is just as good as your team’s capability to utilize all the features and functionality. Investing in the right CRM is only half the story. Leveraging all of its features as per your business requirements is what can truly help you make the most of it. You can use your CRM to improve the overall sales experience for your existing customers. More importantly, you can integrate it with other tools to win more clients. Follow the tips above to hone your competitive edge with the right CRM.

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